Leather SINS, the Pantheon of Leather 2010 Large Club of the Year, & The SINS Center, proudly invite you to attend the SINSations In Leather BDSM Tapas.

Ever wonder what a single tail or flogger feels like? Maybe you're interested in restrictive bondage or suspension but never had the opportunity to try it. Tapas (Spanish for small delicious portions) will feature many stations featuring the following activities for you to try and experience in a friendly, non-intimidating manner (recommended for both tops and bottoms).

The tapas will include many of the following:

Single Tail - Crack is addictive
Floggers - Sensual and/or Intense
Violet Wand - Zap me baby
Tens Unit - Wattage Please
Impact Toys - (canes, paddles, straps) hurts so good
Bondage - A little tied up right now
Lacing Table - Nothing to do with lace
Needles and Cutting - The S/M Doctor is in
Spanking - Nothing like an old fashion OTK
Steel Cage - Want to feel boxed in?
Waxing - Wax On Wax Off
Tickling - Giggle til it hurts!
Knife Play - You'll get the point!

If you are curious about any of the above, this is a great opportunity to check it out.