Event Rules & Information

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Our communities recognize the phrase "Safe, Sane, Consensual" as the best brief summary of the principles guiding our practices:

Safe is being knowledgeable about the techniques and safety concerns involved in what you are doing, and acting in accordance with that knowledge.
Sane is knowing the difference between fantasy and reality, and acting in accordance with that knowledge.
Consensual is respecting the limits imposed by each participant at all times. One of the recognized ways to maintain limits is through a "safeword" which ensures that each participant can end his/her participation with a word or gesture.
SM vs. Abuse guidelines from NCSF can be read at: http://www.ncsfreedom.org/index.php?option=com_keyword&id=187


Alcohol and Illegal Substances are prohibited in any of the Play Spaces, Classrooms,Vendors Area or other Event Space. Illegal substances, use or transfer will result in immediate and permanent ejection from the event.

You must be dressed "street legal" in the hotel lobbies. All attendees must be careful to be dressed appropriately while in the parking lots and when "leaving" the event to go to local restaurants and shops. Be mindful that the local businesses are NOT a part of the event and that everyday "vanilla" attire and behavior is required. Let's not be our own worst enemy.

You must wear your badge and have your drivers license or other state picture ID available during SINSations In Leather. It is critical that you remember your badge. You will not be permitted to enter any portion of the event without your badge. If you lose your event badge notify the registration desk immediately. A $10 fee will be charged to re-photograph, print, laminate and replace your badge and lanyard.

Please refrain from any behavior that interferes with the ability of Presenters to deliver their lecture, demonstration or workshop. Please refrain from any behavior that interferes with other persons enjoyment attending this event. If you feel that you are the subject of rude or improper behavior, please notify security.

The use of Cell Phones in the Play Space is prohibited.
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Cleaning supplies are available at safety stations throughout the play space and classrooms. If you do a wax or other messy scene, please use a tarp or drop cloth. Please clean up after your scene. Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, lubricants, etc. Bring bodily fluid contamination to the attention of a DM.

The Rules apply to EVERYONE. Don't sneak a picture, park illegally or decide it won't matter if you run to the supermarket dressed in your fetishwear... after all, you'll only be in there for a second. Your good behavior will inspire others and your bad behavior may affect us all. Please use common sense in what you wear and how you behave, both in the hotel and in the community.

Do not tie yourself or anyone to any hotel fixture such as towel racks, shower curtain rods, closet rods, sprinkler heads, pipes, plumbing, etc. You will be held personally responsible for the ensuing damage.

We encourage you to have a good time during the event, however we do not recommend the use of alcohol if you plan on playing the same night. If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. You will be ejected from the event if your behavior interferes with others enjoyment of the event or removed from the play areas if you appear to be intoxicated.

No kidnapping fantasy roleplay, or extreme breath play is allowed. Any electrical device shall not be connected to any portion of the anatomy above the waist and must be connected to a GFI. Please check with the DM regarding the specific rules for other edge play in the Play Space

In the event of a medical emergency or problem remain clear of the area and let the appropriate public safety personnel do their jobs.

Normal party etiquette is required. Do not interfere with a scene. Do not touch anyone's body or equipment without permission. You are not required to say or do anything. Watching is acceptable, although you must maintain a safe distance from a scene in progress. Please keep laughter, conversation, and comments to a minimum. Play fair. Do not monopolize equipment so that others do not have an opportunity to use it during the event. Abnormally loud talking or disruptive behavior while in the Play Space is disruptive to others and will not be tolerated.

The SINSations In Leather staff are all volunteers who have been working diligently for months to make this event a success. Please follow all instructions received from staff. Should you have a problem with those instructions please bring your concerns to security or the Event Chairman and we will assist you. You must obey all SINSations In Leather staff and Dungeon Monitors (DM). Failure to obey staff will result in your immediate removal from the event.

With the exception of water, Food and Drink are prohibited in any of the Play Space or Classrooms. Exceptions may be made for medical conditions.

No Handbills or Flyers may be distributed without advance permission from the Event Chairman of SINSations In Leather

Be respectful and pleasant to the hotel staff. Let's make sure we are welcome back in the future. Do not enter hotel lobbies in scene clothing that is inappropriate (if you have to ask it's probably not appropriate). Do not "play" or test new toys in the parking lots or anywhere in public view. Please act "vanilla" when in any public areas of the hotel. We ask your cooperation here not only because it helps to keep our event open, but because behaving in a civilized manner in a public area is the right thing to do. If you would not wear it or do it in front of our own grandmother, do not wear it or do it in the public areas of the SINSations In Leather host Hotel. There are members of the hotel staff who ARE offended and who do not think this sort of thing is either cute or funny. Please respect their feelings as we expect them to respect ours. SINSations In Leather staff members will assist you if you have any questions about what may or may not be proper, but we truly believe that all of you know on an intuitive level what is proper and what is not.

Neither SINSations In Leather, Leather SINS, NFP or it's Officers, Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons, Members, Medical Volunteers nor the Management, Owners, or Operators of the Host Hotel or facilities, nor any Agents, Successors or Assigns of any of the foregoing shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event.You will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to your admission to the event.

Lost and Found Items will be handled by Security. Please bring any items found during the event to any Security or Staff person.

The Hotel has plenty of parking. We have negotiated a fantastic rate of only $10 per day (The regular rate is $23 per day). Parking is permitted only in designated spaces. Your car will be towed if parked in an inappropriate space.

SINSations In Leather does not allow photography at any time or any place during SINSations In Leather. There will be professional photographers working in the social area who are permitted to take photographs in a protected studio setting. Click Here for Camera Phone Rules

By your entry into the Play Space, you acknowledge that you have read these rules, understand and will abide by them, and that you assume all risks incident to your attendance at this event.

Dungeon Monitors (DM) must be obeyed. If someone is unaware of scene etiquette, violating rules, or bothering you, please notify a DM at once.

Please read and understand these rules. They are for your safety and comfort, as well as for those around you. Please direct any questions to a DM before you play. Unwillingness to follow instructions from DM or SINSations In Leather Event Management will be cause for dismissal from the event.

All Play will follow the guidelines of Safe, Sane & Consensual at the top of this page.

Safe sex practices are required for all activities. Safe sex supplies are located throughout the Play Space.

The house safeword for "Stop" is "Red" and the house "Caution" word is "Yellow". A DM will intervene in a scene if the Top does not respond appropriately when one of these words is used. A loudly-shouted "Safeword!" will also be interpreted as a call for outside assistance.

If you have trouble of any nature, please contact security or a staff member.

SINSations In Leather is a NO SMOKING environment. Smoking will only be allowed in the designated smoking areas.

Prostitution, solicitation and negotiation of payment for sexual services are ILLEGAL and will not be tolerated. Violations shall result in permanent removal from the event.

Obey all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.

In any event as large as SINSations In Leather, there may be times when individuals attempt to get into the play spaces or classrooms who don't belong. By prominently displaying your name badge and carrying your state ID, it will help us detect people who shouldn't be at the event.
If you see someone who appears to be too young or has no identification, please notify the nearest volunteer.


Vending from cars, hallways, Hotel Lobby or other Event or Hotel locations is not permitted and will result in your being removed from the event and hotel properties. Only approved current SINSations In LeatherVendors may sell anything on the Hotel Property the weekend of the event and only from their ASSIGNED Vendor Space in theSINSations In Leather Marketplace.

By your entry to SINSations In Leather
, you acknowledge that:
• You have read all of the above rules.
• Fully understand all of the above rules and agree to abide by them.
• That you assume all risks incident to your attendance at this event.
• That you accept all liability regarding your attendance at SINSations In Leather and that you accept all liability and hold harmless its officers, agents, volunteers, Board of Directors, or staff from any and all liability.