SINSations In Leather is very proud to bring you the following All-Star line up of top notch Presenters and Alternative Lifestyle Educators from all over the country. No matter what your individual alternative lifestyle, kink or level of experience, SINSations In Leather has an educational workshop just for you.

The curriculum will include hands on workshops, classes, demonstrations and presentations for every person attending SINSations In Leather whether you are new to the lifestyle or have a lifetime of experience. Our fantastic SINSations In Leather Presenters consists of the following "Who's Who" of the Alternative Lifestyle World... MORE COMING SOON!

Be sure to take a look at our past presenters as well!

Presenters (In Alphabetical Order)
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Presentation Topics
Tapas (Spanish for small delicious portions) will feature many stations for you to try and experience in a friendly, non-intimidating manner (recommended for both tops and bottoms). Leather SINS BDSM Tapas Info

Ms Cynthia and dimitri (CA)

Anal Fisting

Catheterization /Sounds

Female Genital Play and Torture


Danielle dv8

Cock-Sucking and Deep Throating even the BIG Ones!

Tantric Sex


Psychological Edge of LUST or... Just Insanity?

The JOY of Stranger SEXXXXX and exhibitionism

Jack Rinella (IL)

Fear and Fantasy

Extreme Control

Jim & Jerith

How to Take Their Breath Away: Oxygen and Blood Flow Play

Emotional Masochism

Jim Duvall (WA)

Reality vs Fantasy: Finding Your Way in Edgy Role-play

Getting What You Want From Your BDSM Relationship(s)

Sensual Rope: Building a connection with bondage

JLube Jack


Anal Play & Anal Sex

Lady Lyn d' Pomona

Sacred Sexuality

Arousal as a Tool: How to bring the Sensual to the BDSM scene

Kenny B (IL)

Spanking: It Hurts Soooo Good

Sensations in Medical Play

Michael Sol

Japanese Rope Bondage Suspension Dynamics

Piss on You: Golden Pleasures and Petulance

Phoenix Spirit

The Leather Road - 12 Step Meeting


Simon Blaise

Blaise Sticks: Taking Your Fire Play to the Next Level

Own Your Kink

Smoke (FL)

Energy Play

Magickal Powers: Orgasm control

Sophia Sky

Genital Anatomy for Innies (female anatomy)

Genital Anatomy for Outies (male anatomy)

Master Z (TX)

Rough Body Play

What's Love Got To Do With It