Alternative Lifestyle and Alternative Spirituality Presenters

Phoenix Spirit

Phoenix Spirit has been sober for over 23 year and has attended several other 12 step programs as a part of his recovery.  After meeting Dan and dawn in the lifestyle Phoenix Spirit was introduced to Recovery In The Lifestyle (RitL) and started attending RitL meeting at events and in Columbus, Ohio.  He has previously attended several of the recovery meetings at Kinky Kollege. 

12 Step Meeting:

The Leather Road is a lifestyle-friendly, open 12 step meeting for recovering alcoholics, addicts, and all the other 12 step based fellowships. The format follows the standard 12 Step meeting format. Meetings vary in topics but allow attendees to share their experience, strength and hope as related to people who are involved in both recovery and an alternative lifestyle.

There will be 3 meetings at SINSations In Leather. See Event Schedule for times and locations.