The Nation's Premier Handler Of The Single Tail Whip
Bob Deegan

Bob Deegan is widely recognized as this country’s premier handler of the single tail whip, reaching a level of mastery rarely seen. His single tail artistry represents the definitive body of knowledge and repertoire of skills found in the scene. He has been the catalyst for the spreading popularity of the single tail in the country over the last ten years. The techniques developed and introduced by him have become the modern standard for a new generation of teachers and students alike.

He has given workshops for groups and events including the Central Maine Alliance, New England Leather Alliance, Boston Dungeon Society, Western Massachusetts Power Exchange, The Society (CT), TNG (CT), Dominant Submissive Friends Society/DSF (NY), DsDesires (NY), TES Association (NY), Long Island Munch (NY), Knot for Everyone/KFE (NJ), The Mission (NJ), PM Productions (NJ), The Power Exchange/TPE (NJ), SummerBash (NJ), Phoenix Society (MD), TPE (MD), Black Rose (DC), Leather Retreat, The Crucible (DC), AprilBash (NC), Dark Shadow (NC), CAPEX (NC), SPICE and KINK (FL), Beat Me In St. Louis, Thunder in the Mountains (CO), Ohio Leatherfest, and SM Pride (London).

Bob demonstrates a distinctly fluid, sensual style that combines ease of motion with precise accuracy to create scenes that build in erotic tension and intensity. He draws a variety and range of sensations from his whips – sensations that have been likened to a soft puff of air or the brush of a butterfly’s wing for players who enjoy more sensual play – to the more stringent bee stings, biting bars of fire, and long deep cutting sensations for those who want to experience the more intense side of the single tail. Depending on the gentleness or strength of his throws, Bob’s whip will turn ass cheeks into burning reservoirs of heat… cover an entire back in a crisscrossed herringbone pattern of strokes… send nipple rings dancing… or softly caress an outstretched neck.

By helping everyone understand how the single tail works and what it can do, Bob has raised the level of understanding and skill available to players today. He encourages bottoms as well as tops to attend his workshops because in this way bottoms can know what to watch for and help their tops improve their abilities. Bob’s techniques mean that, according to the players’ preferences, they can experience a complete range of sensations with an accuracy that allows unprecedented control – eliminating the need for tradeoffs or compromises in safety.