Sir Bruce

Sir Bruce has always liked rope. They were natural friends from an early age and they have shared experiences in scouting, boating, rappelling, mountain rescue, and as a firefighter. But it wasn't until later in life, when he found BDSM, that he learned what these experiences were really preparing him for.

Believing in the credo that he who dies with the most tools wins, he is an avid builder and fixer of things. He enjoys interactively sharing knowledge of his passions, and doing them! Whether it is rope bondage, fetish dress, control, or tightening and watching women in corsets, he enjoys being part of this accepting community.

We all start our journeys someplace, and thus he believes we should never be embarrassed when we take our first steps into something new, even when we stumble. He honors those who have taught him "the ropes," and similarly gives to the community by leading workshops and classes.