Educator & Leatherman,

Dex is a Dominant who began his journey into the lifestyle over 10 years ago on an educational and self-reflective path of discovery. Dex's interests are wide and his play styles varied. He is passionate about leather and sharing what he has learned. For eight years, Dex immersed himself in the lifestyle as Master of a formal leather house that at one time had a 24/7 submissive and 17 extended family members. Featured in Sensuous Sadie's book, It's Not About the Whip, Dex would say it is all about the whip and, yes, much much more.

Dex loves the energy and synergy in the crowded dungeon. Dex is passionate about the whip. He is also very interested in rituals and formalities of the lifestyle, leather, corsetry, medical play, electric play, bastinado, caning, and food play. He is always seeking ways grow in the lifestyle and sharing what he has learned with others.

He has presented at Summer Bash, Spring Fling, The Floating World 08, Southeast Leatherfest 09 and Thunder in the Mountains 09. He has worked with local groups and presented for T.I.E.D., Anchor, APeX, AKPC, Rose & Thorn, and Ohio SMART.