Professional Body Piercer, Brander, Scarification & Suspension Expert

Over 100 attendees of Kinky Kollege crammed the Medical Room and out into the hall on to see Elwoods Presentation of Caress Of Steel: A Workshop On The Art Of Cutting. Many people wrote asking us to bring Elwood and his Cutting Class back, and we have!

Elwood is a professionally trained and certified body piercer and body brander, scarification and suspension artist and photographer. He was trained in San Francisco, California by Fakir Musafar, (the father of the Modern Primitive and the man credited with bringing body piercing to the western world).

As an educator and body modification practitioner, Elwood is known for his humorous personality while educating audiences on a variety of classes and workshops. He is acknowledged for his vast knowledge of the history of body modification and practical safety.

Elwood has presented numerous workshops surrounding body modification topics for BIO, VASM, Libido Events, Seattle's Wet Spot, Lupercalia, Victoria's Sagacity, Nanaimo and Winnipeg's Distinguished Lecturer Series.

Elwood has also been featured on Television with appearances on Shaw's "Urban Rush", Discovery Channel's "Skin Deep", TLC's "Human Canvas: Sacred Skin" and on MTV Canada's "Select". Elwood has also been featured in various print mediums.

His commitment to advanced safety has also led to Elwood becoming an educator to the Simon Fraser Health Authority for the body modification industry.