Educator, Author, Famous Leatherman and Anal Expert

JLubeJack (JLJ)

A covered Master, JLJ is a polyamorous bisexual in the open Whee3 Trio with Mistress Malicia and slaverobin. He has been in the leather/BDSM scene for 22 years.

JLJ is a Founding Member and Past President of the Chicago Leather Club, past president of Leather United Chicago, and an associate member of 11 other leather clubs including NLA-Dallas and NLA-I. He has been a judge for leather contests and is a voracious reader of all books related to BDSM, leather, and sex/mores-related politics and history. He was a 1-on-1 Mentorand presenter for the year-long Dallas Mentor Program for aspiring Dominants. He is, and have been, a mentor to many following a Leather lifestyle. JLJ is also currently NLA-I rep for NLA-D and Chair of the NLA-Dallas P&P review committee.

As an enthusiastic and lively presenter who sprinkles presentations with a liberal dose of humor, he has given more than 120 seminars on a wide variety of scene topics & kinks. He's presented at: Beyond Leather (Florida), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), DarkFyre (TCC Camp, Texas), DASH (Chicago), GreatLakes Leather Alliance (Indianapolis), GWWN (Austin), InternationalLeatherSIR & Leatherboy (Travels), Kinky Kollege (Chicago), SINsations in Leather (Chicago), South Plains Leatherfest (Dallas), Thunder in the Mountains (Denver), Tournament (Minnesota), Tribal Fire (Oklahoma), Twisted in Tulsa (Oklahoma), WyldeFyre (TCC Camp, Texas) — as well as at many local groups.

He is the head of a Leather Family, the Leather Heart Clan, comprised of Mistress Malicia, Knotty Janee, slave robin, maya and pledges JJ, Maarqus and pippa. He was also a columnist for and will be Issue Coordinator for an anal fisting book for Nazca Plains. His fiction writing has appeared in several scene magazines and Web sites including Black Sheets, NLA-ILINK and

A long-time and enthusiastic participant in anal play and fisting, JLJ has been fisted by more than 1,000 women and men. However, he's also an AVID practitioner of many other edgy sensation kinks including knife play, play piercing, scrotal infusions, catheterization, fire play and pumping… to list a few. He has also give presentations on orientation issues in the community, sex safety, Leather, protocols, as well as the history of sex in Western culture.

A former Associated Press photographer and newspaper columnist, JLJ is an avid scene photographer whose images have appeared in scene magazines such as Black Sheets and the NLA-I LINK and on Web sites such asBMEzine and Redclouds. He is now beginning a business developing Web sites for scene-related individuals, models, pro doms and businesses.

You can find out more about Jack at and on FetLife under JLubeJack

CBT: (Course overview)

Oh what evil lurks… This is a Grand Tour of Genital Torture. From striking to squeezing to smashing to stretching to skewering, our friend Dick and his sack-bound buddies are up-for-grabs in this knee-buckling party. In appropriate venues, there can be smashed-ball/needled sack demos and audience participation.

Anal play & Anal sex: (Course overview)

Yet another taboo in the seemingly end-less lineup of "Thou shalt nots". This seminar will take a playful look at the Hole-We-All-Share, delve into its anatomy and touch on its delights. In appropriate venues, there can be finger-finessing demos and audience particINpation.