Jack Rinella

Jack Rinella

Jack Rinella, author of eight books about our lifestyle, is a free-lance writer and college instructor. Born in upstate New York of Italian-American parents, he's been a high school and college teacher, a drug rehabilitation counselor, a cook, a computer salesman, a Catholic seminarian, a Pentecostal minister, an advertising copy writer, a graphic designer, and has done stints at printing, publishing, telemarketing, head-hunting, and computer consulting.

He has been active in the Leather scene since 1983, is a founding member of MAsT-Chicago, a member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and has written extensively about our lifestyle for nearly 20 years. His writing has appeared in Gay Chicago Magazine, Drummer, in The (San Francisco) Sentinel, and in Philadelphia Gay News. Jack also serves on the board of directors of the Leather Leadership Conference.

He lives with Patrick his slave of 15 years, on the North side of Chicago where he passes the time writing, cruising, and falling in love whenever he can. You can contact Jack at mrjackr@Leathermail.com or visit his website at http://www.LeatherViews.com.

Fear and Fantasy: (Course overview)

Doubt and hesitation are usual characteristics that we feel, especially as new-comers to BDSM but continuing throughout our journey in kink. How do deal with the feared fantasies and what do they tell us? By exploring the connection between ego and self, we can learn to deal with our fears and fulfill our fantasies, while becoming ever more skillful and blissful in our play.

Extreme Control: (Course overview)

What does the desire for control or being controlled mean to each of us. Are there reasonable limits to dominance and submission? Is full ownership or complete surrender possible? This is a class on objectification, degradation, depersonalization and ownership. Let's explore how low one can go into the world of slavery.