International Mr Leather 2003
John Pendal

John Pendal was born and raised in the United Kingdom, living in London since 1996.

John won the "Mr Hoist" title on February 8, 2003. The Hoist sponsored him to enter "International Mr Leather" in Chicago in May 2003 and no-one was more surprised than John when he won the title.

John took the year off from work to travel to leather events full time. From July 2003 to June 2004 He traveled 100,000 miles visiting 28 cities in the US, Europe and Canada. He documented his travels in monthly diary entries on his website and summarized the year in his IML Step-Down Speech that can be read at In February 2004 he was honored to receive two Pantheon of Leather awards: the International award and "Community Choice (Men)".

In September 2004 he returned to his career in broadcasting by joining a TV post production company in West London, and a month later, became an Associate Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club. In January 2008 he was surprised and delighted to receive the Thom Dombkowski Heart of a Leatherman Award from the Chicago Leather Kennel Club. He's been a regular columnist on Joe Gallagher's Leatherpage.Com since June 2003.

John travels internationally on a regular basis giving speeches, fundraising, as a leather contest MC and providing SM education.