Master Konrad

Konrad (Southwest Master 2006) has been actively involved with power exchange relationships and SM for most of his adult life. Konrad has consciously influenced his approach to SM and power exchange relationships with principles and techniques gleaned from sport science, medieval history, martial arts and his religious path. He has a particular affinity for conquest and resistance play, breath play, cross-examination scenes, the erotic aspects of combat sports and canes (the cane being one of the most versatile, powerful and under rated of all SM tools). That being said, he views any and all SM activities as useful in achieving altered states, developing intimacy and deepening power exchange.

Konrad has had several occupations and avocations over his life, some of them too tedious, others too potentially embarrassing, to mention here. Currently he is the senior partner in a small law firm. He is a trial attorney and court certified mediator, specializing in Criminal Defense. As a Special Victims prosecutor and later the 'special assignments' prosecutor for a large district attorney's office he handled many kink related crimes and prosecutions of adult businesses. Later as a private attorney his clients have included adult businesses and those charged with alleged crimes arising from kink/SM related activities.

He is a a Board member for ILSb and ICBB, former Executive Director of MAsT International, current Executive Advisor to MAsT, a member of several local leather, lifestyle and kink related organizations and has presented and judged at various events over the years including International Leather Sir/boy, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Leather Leadership Conference, South West Leather Conference, South East Leather Fest, Sagacity (in Victoria BC), Folsom Fringe, Beyond Leather, South Plains Leather Fest, Thunder in the Mountains, Kinky College, Sinsations, Tribal Fire, Rio Grande Leather, San Diego Leather and Florida Fetish Weekend. He also teaches martial arts and law related classes to community and law enforcement organizations, produces martial arts contests and seminars and is involved in medieval recreation.

In terms of qualifications teaching Martial Arts, Sports and Combatives, Konrad would not describe himself as an expert in practically anything, especially martial arts, but he has some familiarity and belt rankings and certifications with several martial arts and sport systems. His father, uncles and paternal grandfather were all moderately successful professional and amateur boxers and trainers, but his arms were too short so Master Konrad was forced to pursue a path where short stumpy arms were not such a hindrance. He was (long ago) a nationally ranked heavyweight wrestler in college, and has won state, regional, national and intentional titles in Judo, Wrestling, freestyle stick fighting, Combat Grappling and amateur Mixed Martial Arts.

He has owned a dojo, worked as a professional trainer, sparring partner for world ranked professional boxers and professional mixed martial artists and coached several sports teams and individual competitors. He has training or competitive experience in various grappling forms, including Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling, Aikido, Qin Na (as an adjunct to Chinese martial arts), Aikido, Aiki-jutsu (as an adjunct to Kenjutsu), Dumog (as an adjunct to Filipino martial arts), Systema, Combat and Sport Sombo, Glima, historical German Kampfringen and Ringenkunst, Judo, Combat Wrestling and Brazilian Jujutsu.. He has produced martial arts seminars and contests and his teaching has included owning a dojo as well as instructing at Judo and Jujutsu clubs, workshops and community center classes on Kampringen and Ringenkunst and arrest procedures and tactical groundfighting to police offices as part of their continuing education requirements.