Lady Lyn d' Pomona

Lady Lyn

Lady Lyn d' Pomona is a Qadishtu Priestess with Chicago's Temple of Terra Incognita, a poly pagan, kinky, sacred sexuality temple. She loves both sensual play and BDSM with a twist of ouch. She has facilitated a variety of workshops ranging from Safety, Communication, Sacred Sexuality, Energy 101, Advanced Meditation, Chaos Magic, Sex Magick, Polyamory and the Qadishtu Path.

Lyn works with individuals and couples as well as large groups of people. This Domme prefers doing humor-driven presentations of serious material where she can personally connect with her audience in a heartfelt way. She is a facilitator of Tantra, Sex Magick and Sex Education. Lyn places integrity, education and sex-positivity at the fore-front of her beliefs and considers herself to be an alternative lifestyle activist.

Lyn currently is one of the facilitators of the Path of the Qadishtu (POTQ) in Toronto and Chicago, following the guidelines set up by Dan and dawn Williams. Lyn organizes educational events such as Touching Beyond Gender and facilitates a monthly energy group from The Farm called GLEE (Great Lakes Energy Exchange). She and her consort Phoenix Spirit, travel extensively speaking, learning and spreading the love of Sacred Sexuality and Ethical Energy.

Sacred Sexuality: (Course overview)

Sacred Sexuality is defined by people all over the world who identify as Tantrika, Dakini, Taoist, Sexual Magicians, Sacred Prostitutes, Qadishtu, etc. These practitioners create a union filled with ecstatic potential. So let's learn some of those ecstatic techniques together. Come prepared to work in this interactive workshop. You can bring a partner or find someone to pair with in the class or work solo, but we will practice and perform several exercises. It will be fun and enlightening and definitely something to take back home!

Arousal as a Tool: How to bring the Sensual to the BDSM scene: (Course overview)

Being a sensual Dom doesn't always imply that you are soft and easy. We will cover how mixing arousal with the pain allows the submissive/bottom to take an increased level of sting and keep them begging for more. Bringing sensuality into a BDSM scene allows you more room to be creative. For example: creating the contrast of a sting with the caress or a kiss, or masturbation while being whipped can really distract a submissive's mind! Adding sensuality to a scene is perfect when co-topping as it allows focus on different parts of the body.

But, the best reason of all to get sexually stimulated? A sweet and satisfying ending!