Educator & Leatherman,
Michael Sol

Michael Sol identifies as a kinky scoundrel, sex-positive educator, and artist. He presently serves as Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2011-12 and is a board member of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition. Sol is active nationally in the Leather, bondage, and BDSM communities, is a proud member of the NCSF and the Los Angeles Band of Brothers. and leads the So Cal Shibari and Edge Art groups in California.

Sol's life is committed to merge art, spirituality and connection to his expressions. These include Japanese rope bondage, body art, edge play, and photography.. While technique is a forte he believes the soul of relationship is what gives our expressions potential.

Sol is involved in producing various BDSM events and has been an active contributor to lifestyle activities that include: Kinky Kollege, Sinsations in Leather, Kinkfest, Shibaricon, Dom Con ATL and L.A. International Olympus Leather, Madtown Kinkfest, Beat Me in St Louis, COPE, Beyond Vanilla, Thunder in the Mountains, , GWNN Bash, the Folsom Fringe, DFW Bound, ITW, Sanctuary LAX, Irongate Studios, HEAT, Club X, the CSPC, SA Crossings, the Asylum, APEX, and the San Francisco Citadel.

Japanese Rope Bondage Suspension Dynamics (solid intermediate to advanced): (Course overview)

As we know from Dynamics and Considerations for Rope Bondage Suspension, the process of rope bondage suspension is not to be taken lightly. It is frighteningly easy to do, but the risks are great. We can go long times with no ill outcomes but in a moment it can go wrong.

So let's take a thoughtful look at the structure of a rope suspension from the chest harness to the waist, lower torso, and limbs and considerations of distributing weight, balance and support for the suspendee. We will discuss variances between face up, face down and sideways suspensions along with their Japanese names, and basic how tos for rope bondage suspensions. We will also examine the importance and nuances of clean transitions. Let's get it clear and get them up safer.

Piss on You: Golden Pleasures and Petulance : (Course overview)

The first time Sol tried to pee on someone there was definitely a touch of theater; stage fright. Yet once the golden flow unleashed the potential of pee was revealed. Yes it is a taboo and we say, piss on that. Piss as a vehicle for humiliation, intense intimacy (even sacred space) and fun group activity will be flowing in the warm stream of discussion and activity. Sol will share merging intent and techniques to bring gold to our relationships and play. You have to see the finale to believe it.