Ms Cynthia aka CM Hurt and dimitri

Ms Cynthia

Ms Cynthia's involvement in the sex positive/leather community extends too many areas. She has presented over 500 educational programs for many BDSM/Leather organizations all across the country on over 60 Consensual BDSM topics.

She has spent many hours volunteering and working to help build Leather community support and relations on local and national levels for 20 years.

A past Secretary and a past Chairman of the Board of the Leather Leadership Conference. She is an Emeritus Coordinator with Threshold, in Los Angeles.

Cynthia has done outreach presentations on sexuality, consensual  BDSM, body modification and body art at the college level in southern California.  She teaches a series of ongoing BDSM/Leather related Skills in her local community for the past  12 years and has been a consultant on several films depicting BDSM.

Her studio practice, CM HURT, in Orange County, Ca, includes tattooing, piercing, branding, scarification, and more. Having studied with Fakir Musafar, she continues to work with and be inspired by him on projects and events.

Articles about her work have appeared in magazines and she has been featured in several documentaries,  as well as appearing on the Playboy Channel, BBS One Radio and The Learning Channel. She has worked with the San Diego Museum of Man as a guest lecturer, as well as a guest lecturer for the California Environmental Health Inspectors on the topics of Branding, Artistic Cutting, Health/ Safety.

Dimitri travels and assists Ms Cynthia and after 12 years, he can pretty much teach it all himself. When not devoting his time to keeping Ms Cynthia out of trouble, he is a full time attorney.

When not doing all of the above, they live quietly in the suburbs of southern California and enjoys visit from their five children and five grandchildren.


Dimitri has spent more than 14 years serving Ms Cynthia, the last 9 years, 24/7, as her husband.

He has traveled extensively with her, assisting with her presentations, co-presenting and lately offering a few of his own presentations. He is an assistant instructor at CM HURT Workshops, having been in attendance for more than 10 years.

He is a member of Threshold and Black Leather Wings. His favorite interests include CBT, slavery and body modification. A practicing attorney for over 30 years, he hopes to retire to full time slavery to Ms Cynthia.

Anal Fisting: (Course overview)

Reach up inside of them and touch their soul. This deep and erotic penetration allows the Top to be fully inside their bottom, manipulating them in so many ways. The bottom is allowed to engulf their Top while enjoying the ecstatic sensations that are only available through this type of play. This is a how to workshop as well as a demonstration.

Catheterization /Sounds: (Course overview)

Urethral play is an exciting, sensual and erotic form of play for both men and women. Learn the proper technique for setting up a clean field, proper sterilization, appropriate implements and how to use them all. Safety is a major focus of this workshop and when learned and observed will lead you into the wonderful and sexy world of sensations hiding in your urethra. This is a hands-on workshop.

Female Genital Play and Torture: (Course overview)

Ahhh, exploring that delicious little cunt, making it want you, making it want to hurt for you. One woman's pain is another woman's pleasure. Explore all of the implements and ways to create a successful transition of pleasure to pain, all the while having her beg for more delicious torment.

Enemas: (Course overview)

Controlling a basic body function, fun stuff. What are some suggested tools, toys and methods for successful Enema Play? Come find out! Some people want it all neat and tidy, others want it messy and embarrassing. However you think you want it or want to do it, come and explore this often overlooked form of foreplay and play because, let's face, most of you want clean little asses to play in.