Educator, Author & Activist
Simon Blaise

Since his introduction into the kinkysexual lifestyle in the early 90s, the original “Kinkstar” Simon Blaise has rocked countless stages, taught classes, and has attended major kink events across the globe from the elite clubs of Hollywood to prestigious engagements in Japan, the Middle East, and Europe, all with the intention of sharing his techniques and philosophies with thousands of his fellow kinksters. Despite his international fame, Simon remains a humble student of kink who continues to study various expressions and theories on kink such as SMBD, M/s, D/s relationships, various forms of energy play, tantric sex, and unlocking the mysteries of how men and women can connect, on multiple levels.

After witnessing widespread discrimination born from society’s ignorance about the kinkysexual lifestyle he and millions live everyday, Simon made the decision to come out as a kinkysexual in the hopes to support the growing movement towards equality for all kinkysexuals. Simon ultimately aims to be a part of making the kinkysexual lifestyle a more protected lifestyle in America on both the private, and more importantly, the governmental fronts by debunking the current stereotypes which continue to force many kinkysexuals to remain in “the closet”.  

Simon has revolutionized fire play with his invention “Blaise Sticks” and suspension referred to as "Blaise Wrap" or “Kink Wrap”.  Simon teaches courses on fire play, polyvinyl suspension, floggings, canning, single tails, bondage, and D/s & M/s relationships, to name a few. 

Simon will also be giving away some Kinkstar gear to some lucky class attendees. Kinkstar is the world's first kinkysexual lifestyle brand that represents and celebrates our kinkysexual way of life. Wearing Kinkstar not only supports the kinkysexual movement, it moves everyone closer to a society in which kinkysexuals needn’t take great pains to hide who they are.

Blaise Sticks: Taking Your Fire Play to the Next Level (Course overview)

What exactly are Blaise Sticks?

They are a particular type of fire torch crafted by the hand of Simon Blaise himself that have an inner super-absorbent core, an advanced and luxuriously soft wicking material and sturdy handles that allow for a safer fueling method and longer burn-times that keep you in the scene longer and refueling less -- all of which take fire play to the next level.

After a brief safety and basic fire play technique discussion, Simon will discuss preliminary techniques to help students safely acquaint themselves with fire, its capabilities as a sensation tool, and inherent risks.

During the hands-on segment of the class, Simon will work with a limited number of couples and discuss different techniques, basic and/or advanced, based on each pairs' exhibited skill set. Simon will also be available during the nightly members-only parties to coach interested members of the class who wish to try out this exciting and intense form of play for themselves.

For those of you who want to heat things up in your dungeon, this class is a must see!

Own Your Kink: (Course overview)

Have you ever fantasized what it would be like to have the ability to life your life on your own terms without caring what other people think? What if others had no choice but to accept you for who you are? Would you let your full true self out of its cage? If this has peeked your curiosity, this may be the class for you. Simon will go over the primary "word prisons" that we and others around us impose upon each other and some ways we can break out of those word prisons. WARNING: This is an intense class that will change your life forever. As one past attendee wrote a few months after the class, "After your class, I escaped the four main word prisons and I now have a whole new set of friends who don't want to lock me up into what they expect me to be for them! I wake up smiling now. I even love myself a little more and find myself getting excited about all the possibilities that were once stored away in my head labeled as unattainable fantasies. I only wish I had attended your class 10 years ago."