I am a heterosexual dominant based in Key West, Florida who enjoys playing along the boundaries of established thinking. 

When joining the lifestyle, I released many important feelings that were there since childhood and found myself. Now, embracing all levels and all techniques with an eager mind for study and understanding, I try to go deeper, understand more and explore new ways to connect to other human beings.

During the last six years, I devoted myself to education, mine and others'. I seem to be more and more able to demonstrate and explain the dynamics involved, understanding the roles and power relationships that can be formed within the D/s exchange. Unconventional, I often challenge ideas of the lifestyle which have, over time, become conventional and rigid. Living the lifestyle 24/7, I am a member of the Lifestyle Alternative Center of Palm Beach (LAC) and organize or help organize and promote local Key West and Miami kink parties, which offer an explosive taste of BDSM to complete off the street newcomers, trying always to offer a venue for people to explore themselves as I have been able to do myself. A "give forward".

Often traveling to connect with others from Miami Beach to New York City, I more and more often find myself playing with Magik in the dungeons all over. I  have taken from my experiences and discovered that there is something more, something beyond "the average" scene and the usual physical aspects. I enjoy sharing this particular style of energy play, inviting others to explore their psychological limits in the most sensual way. Through this connection-centered type of play, I make use of all various traditional physical implements such as rope, whips, electricity, fire, canes, sharps etc, in a different way.  Always passionate and trying to pack my presentations with raw emotion, often leaving the participant speechless with mind entranced by the erotic magnetic energy in the room. I am always learning, always interested to hear another person's story, their view of themselves and their relationships and I openly invite into the conversation anyone interested in sharing something special.

In the last year, I made some important discoveries with regards to hypnosis as it relates to mental release and the ability to please, I want to share that.

Energy Play: (Course overview)

We hear more and more talk about "mental play" and "energy play".

Following some very special interaction with some of last year's attendees, I propose to define, discuss and demonstrate the basics of "energy play" and introduce some of the basic notions of hypnosis in the creation of powerful emotional connection and release.

Is it possible in a classroom at a given place and time to "create" an energy connection that will raise the level of connection between partners.

I think it is and will demonstrate the basics for an incredibly powerful connection.

Magickal Powers: Orgasm control: (Course overview)

There is powerful Magick in what we do!!!

The goal here is to show that amazing sex is not only about whips and chains and pain and punishment, but really in the soul and mind of the partners.

As a continuation and deepening of the Energy Play presentation, we will discuss orgasm control, conditioning, hypnosis and what it does to deepen our sexual pleasure.

This surprising and erotic explanation and maybe demonstration of Sex Magick is for all those who feel that there is something more, something sublime in what it is that we do and want to explore that aspect, grow the connection and delve deeper into the human psyche.