Travis Wilson has been an attorney since 1972, and in the Leather/ BDSM lifestyle almost as long. He was one of the founders of Houston's PEP, and was Chairman of that organization for many years. He was the founder of the Houston S&M Ball, and was Chairman of that BDSM/Leather event for the first eight Balls, helping to make it an internationally known and respected Fetish event.

Travis has been a presenter at Leather/BDSM events for many years, presenting at such events (many of them multiple times) as Washington D.C.'s Black Rose, Beat me in St. Louis, Oklahoma's Tribal Fire , Chicago's Sinsations in Leather and Kinky Kollege, Texas Leather Pride, the Austin GWNN Bash , the NLA's Living in Leather, Camp Crucible , Texas Latex Party, Ms. Gulf Coast Leather, Dallas' Beyond Vanilla, multiple times at both the Madtownkink events in Madison, Wisconsin, and the events in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and many more events. He has also been the sole presenter for weekends of presentations for a number of different BDSM groups around the country, including organizations in Nebraska, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Texas.

He was one of the facilitators for the 2005 Master's Retreat held in Dallas, Texas.

In April of 2004, he was the keynote speaker at the Leather Leadership Conference 8. In 2008, he was the Keynote speaker for Black Rose . In July of 2009 he presented the keynote address for the GWNN Bash, and gave the keynote speech for Beyond Vanilla in Dallas in September of 2009.

When not working or playing with his leather Toys, Travis plays trumpet in Jazz, Rock/Blues/R&B, and church "praise" bands. Hey, a guy has to have some fun once in a while.