FemCar is a multipartenered bisexual beast/toy/slave ...who loves to wallow fully in the experiences life brings to her.. the joys and the horrors.. the pleasures as well as the suffering. She feels in fact that the universe is her spirit's playground.. and that there are magic and miracles everywhere if you only allow yourself to see them and, of course... if you are willing to take the risks in creating them.

Her center in D/s revolves around ego exposure and ego bashing and being USED... almost always using the tools of degradation and/or objectification to get there. She is not a physical masochist but instead a self proclaimed emotional masochist.. a term that she has defined and redefined for herself over the years... because of course as soon as you believe that you know yourself the universe tips a little and makes you embrace another aspect.. again and again and again. She is at peace most when wallowing in the mire, compelled often to endure experiences that she genuinely fears and dislikes. Or, to quote FemCar, "The more I dread it, the more I NEED it and the more I know it is what I have to see."

She has been in the lifestyle for 17 years and has been smashing the boundaries of acceptable and politically correct forms of play ever since she crawled in. She began to educate about degradation play about 13 years ago... because people were alarmed at her need without understanding the why behind it. Now it is a rather common form of play but only because she and others like her way back when wouldnt let others stop her.. and she STILL wont.

She is an advocate for growth and enlightenment.. sometimes in the form of controversy.. sometimes in the form of activism.. but always with an undercurrent of spirituality. Good thing for her that her spiritual path absolutely is through her CUNT. So don't be too surprised if you see her touching herself at any given moment. She is out to change the world ... one cock one cunt at a time and SOMETIMES she is really lucky and can grab MORE than one at a time, and it is in this type of experience that she truly revels.

Psychological Edge of LUST or... Just Insanity?: (Course overview)

In the spirit place there are no limits. Some of us are called to the edge in every community we walk in. Lets discuss what the perception of "edge" is... what is too far?... when if ever should we say NO we CANT do that?

Lets also discuss the "why" we are drawn there.. and the resulting transcendental existence of magic and miracles when you dare to actually step off that perceived edge of impossibility to realize you can indeed REALLY fly!

The JOY of Stranger SEXXXXX and exhibitionism: (Course overview)

Gang Bangs, Adult Bookstores, Swing Clubs, Bar Pick ups... such a WONDERFUL playground this workd is to be a SLUT!  Bring your GAME, thoughts, experiences, or at least your hard cocks and wet pussies.  If all else fails I am bringin my exhibitionism and personal amatuer porn and maybe just maybe try and get some ACTION!