Jim Duvall

Jim Duvall

Jim Duvall began his career as an erotic photographer in the early days of the World Wide Web taking pictures for phone sex workers.  He soon began janesguide.com along with his former partner Jane Duvall.  Along with shooting for this company he has shot images for several other Web endeavors including bondage.com.  His art has been shown at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and many other erotic art festivals around North America. He helped start The Betty Pages, an LGBT magazine serving Whatcom and Skagit counties and was a writer and photographer for the magazine for 5 years.

As a sexuality activist Mr. Duvall has volunteered for many organizations over the years. He is a founder and former President of the Board of Directors of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (nee Wetspot). He founded the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. He is a past President and Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He is the very proud recipient of the Leather SINS Presidents Award in 2011.

Jim Duvall teaches on a variety of topics from erotic photography to rope bondage at events and for groups all over North America. His teaching style ranges from very hands on technique classes to demonstrations and entire class hypnosis or guided meditation.

Currently he works as a fine art photographer and practices hypnotherapy in Seattle WA.

Reality vs Fantasy: Finding Your Way in Edgy Role-play: (Course overview)

Edges are all about what we do. If not an edge for our community, we cross edges for society all the time. This class will be about balancing real life situations with our fantasies. How do we determine acceptable risks and necessary rewards. We will work on personal strategies for realizing the essence of what we need in a fantasy and then real world solutions to those needs. The class will be a mixture of generalized discussion and real play solutions as examples. Come prepared to challenge your assumptions about edge play and charge up your fantasy motor for the whole week.

Getting What You Want From Your BDSM Relationship(s): (Course overview)

Regardless of whether you are monogamous, polyamorous or somewhere in between, we often do play with multiple people. In this workshop we will focus on negotiation tactics and practices to facilitate playing with others besides your regular partner or a new partner. Boundary and expectation setting, and being clear about the difference between the two, are practices that can foster more satisfying play experiences and build strong relationships. We will do several exercises that explore what each of us wants from our play and relationships. Followed by exercises for communicating these discoveries with a potential partner.

Sensual Rope: Building a connection with bondage: (Course overview)

Too often rope bondage turns into a game of perfection in knotwork and technique. Quite often at the expense of play an interaction between top and bottom. This class will be about how to reverse that in your play. We will do a bunch of interactive exercises to increase the interaction during your scenes.