Educator & Leaders,
Jim & Jerith

Jim is an emotionally sadistic, fun-loving dominant who brings his sense of adventure and creativity into his scenes. He is a career military man who enjoys using the protocol and structure that he learned in the service in perverse ways at home. He's been teaching classes in the alternative sex community for approximately 10 years. Jerith is a strong willed slave with a passion for scenes that challenge her and an even bigger penchant for mischief. She lives to find ways to make Jim's hair go prematurely gray. With her friend Wilson, she runs Galleria Domain 2 in Chicago where she has also served as the Education Director for 8 years. In addition, Jerith sits on the Board of Directors for the Leather Leadership Conference.

As a couple, Jim and Jerith find it important to give back to a community that has had such a large, important impact on their lives. They are active in the Chicago scene and have presented classes in Canada, up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and across the Midwest. They teach on Breath Play, Fear Play, Mind Fucks, Emotional Masochism, and a host of various edge play topics.

How to Take Their Breath Away:Oxygen and Blood Flow Play: (Course overview)

Breath play, the act of erotically asphyxiating your partner, is a sexual practice that has a long history and a large but mostly private following. During this seminar, we will discuss the different methods of breath play, and demonstrate the pros and cons of each method. Since breath control is an activity that carries an inherent risk, it is important to understand anatomy and consequences when deciding to engage in this activity. Therefore, this presentation has a large section on the safety of scening with oxygen.

We will provide you with a nonjudgmental forum to ask your breath play questions and discuss not only how this type of play works, but also delve into what makes it erotic and controversial. We'll also address the real medical and practical issues involved, and discuss what it means to be an ethical and responsible breath player.

Emotional Masochism: (Course overview)

Masochism can be defined as the condition in which one's sexual gratification is derived from suffering. Most of us can accept the idea of physical pain enhancing a person's sexual experience, but what about mental anguish? Emotional masochists experience pleasure from feelings that many people would consider negative, among them objectification, humiliation, jealousy, and abandonment.

During this discussion, we will answer questions like: Is it ok to fuck with someone's mind? Are emotional masochists drama queens or sick in the head? Is this type of play abusive and does it permeate an entire relationship? As a starting point, we will talk about our experiences with emotional masochism and discuss why it is appealing and fulfilling for us. In addition, we'll show you different ways to hurt someone's feelings, and give examples of emotions that can be made in to scenes. We will close the class with a demonstration of what we hope turns out to be an intense emotional scene and a Q&A.