Kenny B

With over 20 years experience, KennyB is back at Sinsations in Leather sharing his experience and passion for kinky fun. KennyB is the co-founder and co-host of the Chicago Spanking Parties. For over 10 years, Chicago Spanking Parties has provided a safe and fun place for men to gather, meet others into spanking and play. Chicago Spanking Parties will celebrate its 50th spanking party in March of 2012. KennyB is excited to be back at Sinsations in Leather offering classes on spanking and medical play.

Spanking: It Hurts Soooo Good: (Course overview)

Spanking is a form of impact play that for many people is the first form of kink they experience. This workshop will discuss how to spank, various implements, safety and how to take a sub farther than they thought possible. We will also discuss what pairs well with spanking and adds intensity to the scene. This will be a hands on workshop with stations set up for participants to experiment with different implements. So bring your favorite sub and have a spanking good time.

Sensations in Medical Play: (Course overview)

Sinsations in Leather boasts the largest medical play space in the nation, but what do you do with all that stuff. This workshop will lead participants through to a better understanding of how to set up a medical play scene, what tools are needed, and the headspace of the sub. You know you've always wanted to play doctor so grab your favorite patient and join the fun.