SINSations In Leather brings in a strong cast of presenters every year, and we apprecite their partcipation in our events. We look forward to seeing them, and you, at our events in the future.

Presenters, 2011 (In Alphabetical Order)
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Presentation Topics
Sir Bruce (IL)

Bondage 101, BDSM Furniture Making

Ms. Cherries Jubalie (IL)

Wearable Shibari, Did Somebody Call the Spanish Inquisition?

Ms Cynthia and dimitri (CA)

Urethral Play, Sounds & Catheters, Female Genital Play and Torture, Medical Suturing and Stapling, Branding: The Art of Fire and Flesh

Dan & dawn (OH)

Sensual Humiliation, Mindfulness Of A Slave, 12 Step Meetings

Dominants' Roundtable - Facilitators: Master John, Jim Duvall & Mistress Joanne

Dominants' Roundtable
Gary The Bootblack (IN) Bootblacking and Footwear Care Basics, A Couple of Tricks for You...Actually a Little Magic Show
Jack Rinella (IL); Keynote Speaker

What the Old Guard would tell us, Long Term Relationships, The Dark Side

Jasmine St. John MS, LMFT (WI)

Aftercare: It's Not Just for subs Anymore, Strength Based Submission

Jim Duvall (WA)

Bondage for Sadists and Masochists, Relating to Rope, Tying With Style and Mastery

Mistress Joanne (IL)

Touching The Soul Through Fisting, New To The Scene: Perverting The Pristine Mind And Body

Master John (FL)

Hot Ash Play, Old Guard Protocol

Konrad (NV)

Prosecution Proofing Your Leather Life, Carotid & Breath Play, MAGICAL TOPS - FIGHTER PILOT BOTTOMS: "Sub-space, Stage Magic, Slight of Mind and the OODA Loop"

Leon MonkeyFetish (IL)

Rope Finishing & Care, Bondage 201

Slave Pug (CA)

A Journey of Spirit through the Heart of a Slave, Mind of a Pup and Body of a Masochist, Consensual Slavery: Not for the Meek

Smoke (FL)

A Magickal Connection, Sensual Rope Bonding

submissives' Roundtable - Facilitators: slave pug, slave ally & slave patrick submissives' Roundtable

Lt. Thommy Halfen (MO)

Safety In The Lifestyle, Street Smart

Travis (TX)

Communication in a Scene, Bullwhip Workshop, Knives and Other Sharp Pointy Things

Master Z (TX)

Rough Body Play, All In The Family

Presenters, 2010 (In Alphabetical Order)
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Presentation Topics
Bob Deegan

Single Tails: Intermediate

Catherine Gross

Negotiations: Your Most Important Tool, Refining Service Movement


Chastity: Locking up the Family Jewels, Machines That Fuck

Dan & dawn (OH)

12 Step Meetings, Sensual BDSM, Talking Naughty


Breaking the Sound Barrier, Smudge and the Scene: Cleansing Your Space


Caress of Steel: The Art of Cutting, Kiss of Fire: Body Branding

Jack Rinella

Dealing With Change in a Long Term Relationship, Top Drop & Top Flop: Mastering the Bad Times as well as the Good Times

Jimi Tatu

Japanese Chest Harnesses, Nawa-aikido: Harmonious Loving Energy with Rope

JLube Jack

Anal Fisting 101: Fingers to Elbows, CBT: Smashing Good Fun

John Pendal

The $10 Dungeon, Unarmed BDSM: What You Can Do With Just the Human Body

Lacy Steele

Erotic Play for Couples, Polyamoury: Hit or Myth

Michael Sol

Fear Factored: Creating Terror in a Scene, Kinbauku: From Torture and Torment to Sensual Art / Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Mollena Williams

Aftercare: Building Block or Icing on the Cake, Strong Slaves - Bodacious Bottoms & Ass-Kicking Submissives: Embracing Dichotomy

Robert (Bob) Rubel, PhD

Master/slave Relations, Protocols: Making Your Relationships Special

Sergeant Major & slave riches

Transcendental Scenes, Sensual Majik: Spirtuality and SM

Simon Blaise

Blaise Sticks: Fireplay at the Next Level, Blaise Wrap: Cling Suspensions


BDSM & STDs, Play Nice: How to Play Safe

Master Z (TX)

Flogging: 101 to Carharsis, Modern Primitive Practices in S&M