slave pug: Activist, Founder of the Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG) and APEX/Butchmanns Academy Instructor

Master Steve’s slave pug is a heterosexual female slave and pup that is part of two primarily gay leather families. pug is actively involved in a number of local leather/bdsm organizations and is the founder of the Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG): a picnic event that brings together bdsm and leather folk of all genders and orientations. she is also an instructor for the APEX/Butchmanns Experience Academy in Phoenix, AZ.

slave pug has been a presenter at a number of local and national leather events speaking on topics such as protocol, Master/slave dynamics, spirituality and kink, kavadi, coming out as a leatherperson, and pup play. Her pup writings have appeared on the website as well as in Pulp Magazine and Jack Rinella's recent book, Partners In Power.

Her other bdsm-related writings have appeared on websites such as Robert Dante's Boudoir Noir and Dr. Susan M. Block's Sexuality Resource Library.