Please volunteer out of the kindness of you heart for as many (or few) hours as you would like,
to help make SINSations In Leather the best event ever and a way for you to give back to the community.

SINSations In Leather is in need of volunteers who can help at the event
in the following areas:

  • Play Space Set up and Tear-down:
    Help our Play Space Chairperson set up and take down our equipment.
  • Dungeon Monitors:
    Monitor the Play Space to ensure that safe, sane and consensual play takes place.
  • Classroom (Facilities) Set up:
    Facilities Assistants are needed to help reset classrooms between classes.
  • First Aid/Medical Support:
    Nurses, EMTs, Doctors, etc. are needed to provide first aid/medical aid to anyone
    who may need it
    (injuries are usually minor abrasions or ordinary accidents like a twisted ankle).
  • Registration:
    Help our Registration Chair with checking guests in, assisting with Run Bags and taking ID photos.
  • Security:
    Provide Security at all doors, Play Spaces, Classrooms and other areas of the Hotel.
  • Community Outreach:
    Assist our Community Outreach Director with placement of posters in Leather Bars,
    Clubs and Fetish Shops. Contact Leather Organizations in your area to ask for their support
    in making SINSations In Leather a well attended successful event.
  • Event Support:
    Help out with whatever tasks the Committee Chairs may need at the event.
  • Sponsorship Committee:
    Assist the Sponsorship Committee with obtaining Event Sponsors and donations.

Please write to Volunteers@sinsationsinleather.com to volunteer for any of the above committees.


If you would like to attend but can not afford the cost of the event we will have a limited number of Scholarships available.
Scholarships DO NOT INCLUDE travel to the event, hotel accomodations or meals. They are for event registration only.

Priority for a Scholarship will be given to those that are available on Thursday, for Set-up and commit to working the Tear-down on Sunday, until all trucks are unloaded at our warehouse (usually no later than 10:00 PM). (
Leather SINS provides lunch for the Set-up Crew on Thursday and late dinner for the Tear-down Crew on Sunday).

We make every effort to allow you time to sit-in on classes and attend the Play Parties by rotating Scholarship Volunteers times and schedules to accommodate everyone. . You must commit to working 20 Hours over the 4 day period and meet the criteria below.

Scholarships are available for the Event Crew only. You will be required to help with:

  • Event Move-in (involves loading and unloading trucks*)
  • Event Move-out (involves loading and unloading trucks*)
  • Event Set-up (involves lifting some heavy objects*)
  • Event Tear Down (involves lifting some heavy objects*)
  • Facilities Services (involves setting up classrooms and the play space*)
  • Other Services described on the top of this page as needed.
    • *Event Crew Must:
      Be able to lift 65 pounds,
      Not be afraid of hard work
      Be Physically Fit and Energetic,
      Be flexible with the hours you will work,
      Be a TEAM Player,

      Have a great "DRAMA FREE" personality
You will be required to arrive in Skokie, IL to begin loading at 10:00 AM on Thursday. In the past, we have been done at approximately 8:00 PM. During the event, you will be needed to turn over classrooms for about 10 minutes between classes. You may possibly be asked to turn over classrooms for a short time after the dungeon closes on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, we will be tearing down and staging equipment at times during the day as the equipment becomes available. Load-out will begin at 4:00 PM and we usually are done no later than 10:00 PM with the unload.
In the past, a few people have left before the trucks were unloaded and this has caused undue hardship on the rest of the crew. If you cannot commit to working until we are done unloading on Sunday night (approximately 10:00 PM), please do not apply for a scholarship.

PLEASE NOTE: Security, Administrative and Registration positions are filled by members of Leather SINS.

Please contact EventChair@sinsationsinleather.com to apply for a Scholarship.

Thank you for your support!